David A. Schwartz, D.D.S, P.C.

About Us

At our Family and Cosmetic Dentistry practice in West Lawn, Pennsylvania, Dr. Schwartz and the rest of the Team believe that personalized treatment for each and every guest who comes to us for help is our number one priority. When you are scheduled for an appointment, we allow extra time for you and the doctor to get to know one another.

One of the most basic, yet often overlooked practices in the dental office is personal time and care provided to each and every guest. Dr. Schwartz prides himself on drawing from his own experiences as a patient when treating his own guests. You will never suffer needlessly when under the care of our Team of professionals.

New Guests

Good oral hygiene not only aids in maintaining overall health, but a bright and healthy smile often gives that first good impression that you strive for when meeting new people in social and professional settings.


We welcome the opportunity to build satisfying and long lasting relationships with new guests, both adult and children alike. It is part of our mission to prove to our newest guests that they will never suffer through bad dental care or unnecessary pain while under the care of Dr. Schwartz and the rest of his Team.


During your initial session with Dr. Schwartz, you will be given a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth.  Risk assessments with also be given concerning any wear of the teeth, sleep breathing disorders and of the function of the jaw joints.  An oral cancer screening will also be preformed, and we may also take x-rays of your teeth and jaw. Dr. Schwartz encourages all of his guests to communicate fully with him during this initial meeting. Do not hesitate to discuss any and all concerns, desires and questions such as:


  • Any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing or have experienced
  • Your fears about any dental examinations or procedures
  • Special needs you or your child may have
  • Desires for cosmetic work and the outcome you are looking for


Dr. Schwartz believes in offering special care and catering to children. By the age of two years, children have their primary teeth and should have already begun regular visits to the dentist for pediatric dental care.  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists suggests that a child’s first dental visit happen soon after their first tooth erupts or the latest by age 1.  Dental development is more than just teeth–it can affect speech development, face shape, and posture.  Beginning early with dental visits helps create a lifelong understanding and comfort level with routine check-ups and special needs care. Learn more about the importance of age one dental visits here.


We believe in a “tell, show, do” approach to child dental care. During this process, we first tell your child what we are going to do. Then we show them what we are doing by letting them watch in a mirror. They see what we are doing, which helps to teach them that they do not need to be afraid of the doctor or the dentist’s chair. This process helps to develop confidence and trust in the dental procedures and our team. Of course good behavior during the procedures is highly praised and rewarded. The dental experience as a whole becomes a positive and comfortable experience for the child from a young age.

We strive to offer the best possible general dentistry and cosmetic dental care available to regular and new clients alike. If you are looking for a dental practice where your needs are placed above all else, please contact Dr. David A. Schwartz and his Team at their West Lawn, Pennsylvania office.