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Place your family and cosmetic dentistry needs in the hands of a local dentist that you can trust. With proven quality and a personalized experience for every guest, Dr. David A. Schwartz and his team are here to serve you.

The Services We Offer

General Dentistry


Dental hygiene, periodontics, dentures, root canals, pediatric dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, bonding/white fillings, inlays/onlays, porcelain crowns, bridges, dental restorations



As a part of cosmetic and physiological treatment.


Physiological Dentistry

Identifying and treating symptoms of TMD, full mouth reconstruction, Pure Power Mouthguard, snoring and sleep apnea treatments


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view my website. I am Dr. David Schwartz, a dentist who has been serving Berks County for over 30 years. During that time I have seen lots of changes in dentistry. The list of things that we could only dream about doing to help people is rapidly shrinking. In my office though, the one thing that has stayed constant is our mission to give everyone that comes to us an exceptional experience. 

Dedicated Time

It starts with being on time. I am not saying that we are perfect, but it is rare that someone has to wait more than a few minutes past their appointment time to be seen. I was never good at running around from room to room like some offices have their doctor’s do, so we schedule only one person at a time. We also reserve a sufficient amount of time for your needs. This allows me to spend time with you to really get to know you and your concerns. Modern, highly educated dentists know that there is much more to the mouth than just the teeth; we are connected from head to toe. Having the time allows me the opportunity to truly assess the risk factors that I see, then discuss them, and then review all the options. I will always support a person’s choice as long as they understand and accept the consequences of their choice.

Driven by Passion

Since 2004, my passion has been to learn more about the interconnections between the mouth and the body. My Team and I have spent countless hours getting the advanced training necessary to be able to help people that are in pain that the medical community has all but “thrown in the towel” on. Many are told that they just have to live with the pain or the side effects of the pills they are given. While others are told that the pain is all in their head. Many times that is a true statement; it is in their head, just nothing the psychological way. Some of those that I have helped have told their story and allowed me to use them on this site.

Dentistry 101

I still do what many consider traditional dentistry. I call it Dentistry 101 – cleanings and treating cavities. One thing that makes my office different is we do not use silver-mercury fillings. I have not placed one ever in my office. I also have no problem removing them upon request. I follow safe mercury removal guidelines on everybody, and take additional steps for those who are mercury sensitive. This is one of the many reasons I have maintained my independence from insurance companies. They continuously ask for more and more corners to be cut in the types of services and quality of materials used in medicine. I was never comfortable treating others differently than I would treat one of my own family members. I am not saying that you cannot use your insurance here. In fact, we will take care of filing all the forms for you. We will work with any insurance company that is willing to work with us.

Well, if you are looking for just a run of the mill dental office, that rushes you in and out of the office and is willing to cut the corners necessary to meet the demands of the typical underfunded insurance plans, then my office would not be a good fit for you. If you value your health and appreciate how good oral heath leads to good overall health, then call us for an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

David A. Schwartz, DDS,

About Us

At our Family and Cosmetic Dentistry practice in West Lawn, Pennsylvania, Dr. Schwartz and the rest of the Team believe that personalized treatment for each and every guest who comes to us for help is our number one priority. When you are scheduled for an appointment, we allow extra time for you and the doctor to get to know one another.


One of the most basic, yet often overlooked practices in the dental office is personal time and care provided to each and every guest. Dr. Schwartz prides himself on drawing from his own experiences as a patient when treating his own guests. You will never suffer needlessly when under the care of our Team of professionals.

About Dr. David A. Schwartz

Dr. David A. Schwartz of West Lawn, Pennsylvania is a passionate and caring dentist whose main goal is quality oral health and reliable, friendly service for all of his guests. Dr. Schwartz believes that the combination of your good health and the ability to look and feel good make up the recipe for happiness and success.


He strives to educate his guests on the importance of maintaining good oral health as a long-term investment in yourself and your family. Decisions and personal choices are a joint effort when working with Dr. Schwartz and his Team.

What You Deserve From Us

We strive every day to offer you the best possible care.

We provide painless dentistry procedures taking care to maintain your personal comfort levels. By teaching you preventive measures and offering the most advanced and best treatments available to you, we strive to ensure the highest level of comprehensive health.


We allow extra time for your appointments to be sure none of our guests are waiting for extended periods of time. We listen carefully to all of your needs and goals while planning the details of your treatments and procedures together. We offer the latest advances in dental technology and physiological dentistry to ensure we are providing you with the best and most advanced care possible.


This is the kind of service you deserve from us and will receive every time you come to our office. Your health, comfort and happiness is what we strive for every day. The combination of these brings ultimate success to both your life and our practice. 

Reach Out!

To learn more about our care and services, or to schedule an initial dental visit with Dr. Schwartz and the rest of our Team, please contact us at our West Lawn, Pennsylvania dental practice today.